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TE-11WZ 25-60X Wide Angle Zoom Review

Monday 8th April 2013


Our friend, Brian Small gives a fantastic review to our new TE-11WZ Wide Angle Zoom eyepiece! 

This is the first review we have receives so far and it covers technical details and examples of pictures. 


Brian lists several advantages of using this new wide angle zoom eyepiece. 

His first impression is "the quality of the image is fantastic!" 

He goes on by adding that in comparison with other eyepieces he has used, the new TE-11WZ delivers sharper images, with crisp colours and more contrasting. 


Brian will update the review with more information after his trip to Morocco, so watch this space!


For full review, please click here: Brian Small from Surfbirds gives fantastic review on Kowa TE-11WZ