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Get closer to the action with our range of high quality
and easy to use Kowa digiscoping adapters.

What is Digiscoping?

Digiscoping is the method of attaching a digital compact camera or DSLR, video camcorder or phone to a spotting scope to create very highly magnified images or video. By combining the optics of a spotting scope with the optics of a camera  - the telephoto power of a Kowa digiscoping set-up can far exceed that of traditional telephoto lenses as well as often being far more compact.

Kowa offers a range of digiscoping adapters to suit all applications. When combined with our legendary range of super high quality spotting scopes - with practice, the results can be truly spectacular. Our digiscoping adapters are designed to make digiscoping easy and connect to our spotting scopes quickly and securely. Kowa digiscoping adapters for use with DSLRs, compact cameras, video cameras and now even smartphones from a number of brands.

These videos below are a taster of how easy and effective our digiscoping adapters are. For more detailed information - visit the digiscoping product page.



A short video demonstrating iPhone 5 digiscoping

Kowa TSN-884 spotting scope, TE-11WZ eyepiece and TSN-IP5 iPhone 5 digiscoping adapter


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