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Attention all Micro Four Third Digiscopers!

The Kowa DA10 rises again…

The Kowa TSN-DA10 digiscoping adapter  is no newbie in the digiscoping world – Kowa has always been at the forefront of digiscoping and the DA10  was a popular choice for digiscopers using compact cameras with fixed internal lenses when digiscoping was still in its infancy. We all remember the popular models? Nikon Coolpix 4500 and the classic Contax U4R. Whilst these camera models may have faded away as camera technology moves forward at a rapid rate, digiscoping has gained ever more popularity  with results often super-seeding high end DSLR and lens combination performance. No other system offers telephoto focal lengths as great as digiscoping.

With the latest Micro Four Thirds camera technology and an ever increasing demand for a lighter more compact digiscoping system – it’s time for the Kowa TSN-DA10 to shine again.




The Kowa TSN-DA10 Micro Four Thirds Digiscoping System

The Kowa TSN-DA10 is perfectly suited to the compact and lightweight Micro Four Thirds camera system bodies and Micro Four Third compact lenses up to 25mm focal length (full size) (50mm MFT equivalent). Use with our flagship 880/770 series spotting scopes combined with a Kowa TE-11WZ or TE-10Z eyepiece.

Kowa believe digiscoping should be easy and affordable – The TSN-DA10 ticks both boxes. Set-up takes less than a minute. Simply unscrew the eyepiece eye-relief cap and screw on the DA10 collar in its place. Screw the DA10 adapter to your MFT lens filter thread. The DA10 fits lenses with a 43mm filter thread. If your lens has a different size filter – simply add one of our adapter rings  - AR28/30/30.5/37/43/46/52/55/58/62/72mm between your lens and the DA10. Finally push the connected DA10 and camera body combination over the collar and secure.


You can easily switch from landscape to portrait position and quickly slide off for normal observation. All camera functions remain including camera lens auto-focus and focus peaking. The full zoom range of the eyepiece is available creating incredible telephoto possibilities for such a compact system.


 Watch the Kowa TSN-DA10 combined with a Kowa TSN-884 scope, Kowa TE-11WZ 25-60x eyepiece and a Panasonic GH4 and 20mm pancake lens in action

Performance and ease of use of this system is exceptional. Using a wide aperture fast MFT lens delivers blisteringly fast shutter speeds with low ISO settings, combined with a Kowa fluorite crystal spotting scope – image quality is breath-taking with virtually no chromatic aberration (colour blur) and delivering stunning levels of detail.


Subject distance 38m.
Eyepiece optical zoom 25x

Kowa TSN-884 scope, Kowa TE-11WZ eyepiece, Kowa TSN-DA10, Kowa AR46 filter ring, Panasonic GH4 and Panasonic 20mm pancake lens
Image: Paul Hackett


Subject distance 38m.
Eyepiece optical zoom 60x

Kowa TSN-884 scope, Kowa TE-11WZ eyepiece, Kowa TSN-DA10, Kowa AR46 filter ring, Panasonic GH4 and Panasonic 20mm pancake lens
Image: Paul Hackett


Subject distance 7m.
Eyepiece optical zoom 25x

Kowa TSN-884 scope, Kowa TE-11WZ eyepiece, Kowa TSN-DA10, Kowa AR46 filter ring, Olympus OMD-EM5 MKII and Olympus 25mm lens
Image: Rob Wilton


Subject distance 7m.
Eyepiece optical zoom 60x

Kowa TSN-884 scope, Kowa TE-11WZ eyepiece, Kowa TSN-DA10, Kowa AR46 filter ring, Olympus OMD-EM5 MKII and Olympus 25mm lens
Image: Rob Wilton

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CAUTION: The Kowa TSN-DA10 System works with all camera sensor body sizes but larger systems may exert too much stress on your lens filter thread.
Kowa accepts no responsibility or liability for any damage you may cause to your equipment when using our adapters.

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A walk on Anglesey, who knows what you’ll see?

Rob Wilton explain why he never leaves his binoculars at home…


There’s something magical about walking on Anglesey. To me, the light and atmosphere just seems different, with its rugged coastal cliff paths, expansive woodland, salt marshes and unspoilt beaches lines with ancient sand dunes.

Sometimes I can walk for miles and not see another soul- the only reminder of civilisation being an ancient burial chamber or monolith which has stood on the landscape for thousands of years- a landscape that you can imagine as you stand there, hasn’t changed much over the centuries.

These expansive panoramas are usually enhances with the stunning backdrop of the mountains that make up the Snowdonia National Park on the Welsh mainland. Depending on what time of the day you see them, their appearance can look remarkably different, sometimes dark and forboding and at other times, soft hues of pink and purple fading away into the distance.

It’s why I spend most of my free time there, why I’m prepared to leave my snug warm bed at 6.00 a.m and why I’ll walk for miles until my legs ache with Dougal my Springer Spaniel- we just can’t get enough of the place! when you walk through the wide range of natural habitats on the Isle of Anglesey you can’t help but be the surrounded by the diverse range of wildlife that it supports. From vast seabird colonies to the many species of whales and dolphins that populate the coast line. It’s this amazing array of animals that always has me reaching for my binoculars before setting off on a trek. My binoculars are as important to me as my bottle of water, map and compass. They enhance every walk, help me to engage deeper with my surroundings and fill me with lasting memories. Memories which I might have missed without them.

I’ll take you back to a walk I experienced a few weeks ago on one of my favourite stretches of Anglesey coastal path, which I know just wouldn’t have been the same without my binoculars. The amount of wildlife I witnessed was breathtaking. I stopped for a well earned rest and sat on a rock viewing Grey Seals on the bay. Observed a Kestrel feeding her young inside hole in a rock on a distant cliff face and saw a silhouette of a bird of prey perched on a boulder. It was only after sighting it through my binoculars that I realised it was a stunning Peregrine Falcon.

As a walker you don’t want to be burdened with a large binocular weighing you down, use a heavy bulky set and it will probably mean you decide to leave them behind more often than not. That’s why I’m loving my new Kowa BD XD binocular. Kowa have managed to create a really compact model without compromising on optical quality. In Simple terms, it means I’m getting the superior light gathering power and resolution that a much larger binocular would normally offer, but in a far more compact and lightweight body. They sit over my shoulder and I don’t know they are there- perfect for walking.


They are stunningly sharp which makes viewing wildlife an absolute pleasure.

I love Orchids and Anglesey has lots of species, so I always look for a binocular which close focus capabilities- the new Kowa BD XD model focuses down to 1.5 meters! I can look at every petal in glorious detail just from standing on the path- no need to get into uncomfortable positions to see their beauty, plus I don’t risk trampling in amongst the flowers and treading on them- something I feel strongly about. Train them on a butterfly and you’ll get a detailed glimpse in to mother nature’s world of vibrant colours, patterns and symmetry on a miniature scale.

Over the years, walking in bad weather has never been an issue, and believe me, I’ve experienced my fair share of it on Anglesey. In fact for me walking in blustery wind and rain has a life enhancing effect- it heightens the senses and makes me feel alive- maybe it’s just me? But if you share this way of thinking or simply get caught out by a passing storm, make sure your binoculars are up to the job. my Kowa BD XD are magnesium allow and fully waterproof. I don’t have to worry about how they will perform, even in the most severe weather conditions.

One last thing I think is the icing on the cake. Kowa have developed an adapter for the iPhone and Galaxy4S which simply pushes over one of the eyecaps on the Kowa BD XD binoculars. So now, not only I can get amazing views of the wildlife, I can take a magnified picture of it too! It’s so easy- and the results can be truly amazing. No need to carry an extra camera kit- my phone is always with me, but now it’s a phone that doubles up as a camera with a telephoto lens sitting in my back pocket. What better way to spend an evening down the local pub with a real ale, reflecting on the highlights of the day’s walk and thumbing through the images I captured along the way?


If you love walks amongst our wildlife- you’ll love Anglesey. It has something for everyone, old and young, for the relaxed as well as the more adventurous- just don’t forget your binoculars, you never know what you might see along the way.

Watch Kowa’s video on the new BD XD

Welcome to the REAL world

Kowa unveils  new micro four thirds lenses at The Photography Show 2014 in Birmingham. 

With over 60 years of technical experience and know-how in optics, Kowa is proud to present the next generation of crystal clear, super wide, fixed focal length lenses.


The super wide angle 8.5mm lens offers a wide field of view unmatched amongst other lenses conforming to the micro four thirds

system standard, while minimizing distortion to a value of only 0.12% even though it offers a diagonal angle of view of 106 degrees.

The model with a wide angle view and a 12mm focal length (KOWA PROMINAR 12mm F1.8 MFT) has a bright F1.8 aperture, and its distortion value has also been reduced to 0.59%.

The model with a 25mm standard focal length (KOWA PROMINAR 25mm F1.8 MFT) is suited for use in a variety of shooting environments, it has a bright F1.8 aperture and provides a very sharp image.


Please see below the www.photowalkthrough.com interviewing Kowa at The Photography Show regarding these new lenses:

These lenses maintain the optical characteristics adequately, supporting the high resolution 4K and 2K cameras.



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Coming soon (Summer of 2014)

Watch the space for more news!


Introducing the all new Kowa BD XD

Kowa BD XD binoculars – a new generation is born. The all new Kowa BD – clarity like never before.

Available in an 8x and 10x model. BD42-8 XD Prominar and BD42-10 XD Prominar. 2 XD lenses, Ultra close focus of 1.5m, light weight magnesium alloy body. 42mm object lens performance in a compact body. Stylish and ergonomic design make them a joy to use – see www.kowaproducts.com for more information.

See the BD XD in action: