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The Strange Duck…

A film by Simon Brumby

In the middle of August 2014 a strange “Duck” was reported on the pond by several of the local’s of Bloemendal (NL). One of the local birders got wind of this duck and went to go take a look for himself and low and behold a Juvenile Black-crowned Night Heron is what stood before him. Much to the excitement of the birding community the report spread like wild fire and soon the photographers were as this as the weed that floated upon the water surface all cramming to get a “good picture” of this young fellow. Now being a rare breeding bird just about any were north of southern France I also went to go chance a peek, promptly packed my KOWA 883 in its bag and checked the batteries on the GH4 succinctly place it also in its spot in the bag jumped in the car and made the 40 is minuets drive to the location. Sure enough the clamour of clacking DSLRS is what greeted me as i stepped out of the car, I peered over the semi circle of huddled photographers with my bin’s and sure enough their walking along the edge of the pond was the heron AMAZING.

The little chap-chapess knew exactly how close it wanted to get to people (if only it was so obvious for some of the people) and often made a short flight to the other side of the pool to evade the some times a little over excited people. However the bird came on more than one occasion back to the same spot, a floating island made from a broken branch that had almost completely submerged and gathered pondweed and other flotsam, this was my chance i figured. I waited for the bird to relocate then picking a spot on the other side of the pond some 7-8 meters away from the little island collapsed the tripod as low as it would go to the ground and got comfortable. Sure enough the bird came back to the spot allowing me fantastic views of it feeding, IĀ could readily identify the fish species it was eating with he aid of the scope to boot the bird ignored me and flew to my side and walked to within close focus distance on several occasions.

Then IĀ repeated the trick for some of the other shots, first observing were its feeding and redemptive setting up and letting the bird do its thing, having all the reach (focal length) you can get through digiscoping allows great closeness with out impacting on the subject.