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Kowa Iphone 5 digiscoping example

An example of iPhone digiscoping using the iPhone 5, Kowa 883 spotting scope and Kowa iPhone 5 digiscope adapter:


Kowa iPhone digiscoping

Follow all the Kowa iPhone digiscoping action at www.facebook.com/phonescoping


Introducing the all new Kowa BD XD

Kowa BD XD binoculars – a new generation is born. The all new Kowa BD – clarity like never before.

Available in an 8x and 10x model. BD42-8 XD Prominar and BD42-10 XD Prominar. 2 XD lenses, Ultra close focus of 1.5m, light weight magnesium alloy body. 42mm object lens performance in a compact body. Stylish and ergonomic design make them a joy to use – see www.kowaproducts.com for more information.

See the BD XD in action:

Get closer to the action with our range of high quality and easy to use Kowa digiscoping adapters.

Digiscoping is the method of attaching a digital compact camera or DSLR, video camcorder or phone to a spotting scope to create very highly magnified images or video. By combining the optics of a spotting scope with the optics of a camera – the telephoto power of a Kowa digiscoping set-up can far exceed that of traditional telephoto lenses as well as often being far more compact.


Kowa offers a range of digiscoping adapters to suit all applications. When combined with our legendary range of super high quality spotting scopes – with practice, the results can be truly spectacular. Our digiscoping adapters are designed to make digiscoping easy and connect to our spotting scopes quickly and securely. Kowa have digiscoping adapters for use with DSLRs, compact cameras, video cameras and now even iPhone 4/4S.

D-SLR digiscoping


The Kowa TSN PZ telephoto adapter transforms your KOWA TSN 880/770 series spotting scope into an extremely high quality telephoto lens for your D-SLR camera. The TSN PZ has a variable focal length range of 680mm-1000mm, which gives you the added flexibility when composing your image.

Alternatively, you can use the TSN-PA7 adapter. In contrast to conventional digiscoping, where the image produced by the spotting scope eyepiece is photographed. the TSN-PA7 connects your D-SLR directly to the body of the scope via a T2 mount. Creating a high powered, yet lightweight and compact telephoto lens, when compared to traditional telephoto lenses.

Compact Camera digiscoping


Unleash the telephoto power of your Kowa spotting scope by adding the TSN-DA4 compact camera digiscoping adapter. The TSN DA4 attaches securely yo your Kowa spotting scope eyepiece by simply unscrewing the eye-relief cap, allowing you to attach either the TSN-DA10 collar (TSN 880/770 series), or the TSN-DA1A collar (TSN 660/600/82SV). The DA4 slides over the collar and is fixed by tightening the screw to lock it in place.



Transform your iPhone 4/4s/5 or Galaxy4S into a super telephoto lens.

It couldn’t be easier to start taking magnified images or HD video with your iPhone/Galaxy4S and Kowa optic, via the TSN-IP4/TSN-IP5/TSN-GA4S digiscoping holder. Simply slot your iPhone/Galaxy4S into the holder and screw in the appropriate adapter ring- then push the adapter over the eyepiece of your spotting scope and you’re ready to digiscope.



See the Kowa Telephoto lens in action

A short video showcasing the Kowa Telephoto Lens: