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An evening at Newborough with the Kowa MFT lenses

Tuesday 9th September 2014

Had some fun with the Kowa lenses on Sunday night at Newborough on Anglesey - apart from a mishap with the tide times and I had to wade through knee height sea water to get back to the beach from the Island - I think 10 more minutes and I would have been stuck on there for the night.

Here are a selection of images taken with the new Kowa MFT lenses and an Olympus EM1:

Tide out 1 | Kowa MFT 25mm f1.8

Tide out 2 | Kowa MFT 12mm f1.8

Evening Shadow | Kowa MFT 8.5mm f2.8

Llanwddyn | Kowa MFT 8.5mm f2.8

View towards the mainland | Kowa MFT 12mm f1.8

The walk back | Kowa MFT 25mm f1.8

Newborough moon | Kowa MFT 25mm f1.8

Last look back | Kowa MFT 25mm f1.8

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