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  1. 2 days ago | 53 days to go until #Birdfair KowaFact 53: Kowa has digiscoping solutions for DSLR/Compact system/MFT and smartphone https://t.co/6WfuZ9yUT5
  2. 3 days ago | 22 reasons you'll love our nextbigthing. 19:They're super stylish. sign up for more info at https://t.co/mWvopLEBRn https://t.co/mfSHOw97MM
  3. 3 days ago | 54 days to go until #Birdfair KowaFact 54: Kowa use environmentally friendly ECO GLASS no lead/harmful substances. https://t.co/rji5D9c7mD
  4. 4 days ago | 55 days to go until #Birdfair Kowa Fact 55: Kowa Genesis binoculars use 4XD lenses which dramatically reduces CA https://t.co/nTNLIoxvDa
  5. 5 days ago | 22 reasons you'll love our nextbigthing. 20:Crafted with luxury materials. More info at https://t.co/mWvopLEBRn https://t.co/Kqv9s9fd6C
  6. 5 days ago | 56 days to go until #Birdfair KowaFact 56: Kowa uses PURE fluorite crystal for their 880 series scope optical lenses https://t.co/SnJIxvwnTW
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    Always at the forefront of optical excellence, Kowa Sporting Optics products are highly appreciated due to their quality and reliability. This has been achieved through more than half a century of experience and development. Whether you are a beginer or an experienced professional, KOWA has the right spotting scope or binocular that will exceed your expectations.


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